Welcome All!

So glad you are joining me in the writing and illustrating of Hecock, the historical fiction steampunk graphic novel. For the next several months, I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the novel, looking for a little feedback. Then on that much awaited 100th anniversary of the real life event of Burrell Hecock and the ice bridge over the Niagara River, I will begin to release the finished pages, one by one. The plan is to have the print version of the book published by 2013. In the mean time, enjoy the webcomic version and feel free to make comments!

One thought on “Welcome All!

  1. The glasses are key to the story. Glad you noticed them, but you won’t find out exactly what they are or do until much later on. Keep a close watch on them in the next few pages…. it’s a foreshadowing.

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