The plot thickens, The current quickens

This is the page you’ve been waiting for… now you find out a little of why he is stuck on this ice floe, and something about who he is. I haven’t drawn the outlines of the speech and thought bubbles at this stage. I do that in a different program, and the shape of the bubble will add to the expression of what is being said.

3 thoughts on “The plot thickens, The current quickens

  1. As one who focuses on the story, this adds a lot of information and gives the reader pause in the cliff-edge progress of the story. You’re doing a fantastic job; keep it up.

    • It’s a real rush to see it coming together. I thought chapter one was totally written and all I had to do was the artwork, but as I’m drawing, I’m finding that some things don’t need said, and some new text needs added. The next page is one of those!

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