A Photo Journal of Our Expedition

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Oh, boy! Lots to show and tell. It started with a beautiful drive from Houston, PA to New York State Parks History office in Lewiston (Just down stream from the Falls) to meet Carol Rogers in person. She was instrumental in researching the Schoellkopf Power Plant. After a 200 ft elevator ride to the Gorge level, our […]

New iPhone 5/5s case for Niagara fans!

Lately, I've been loosening up by drawing Zentangles. They are a wonderful way to expand your imagination, and they work much the same as meditation. My latest "tangle" is titled "Eye of Niagara", as it is inspired by the Niagara River Gorge rapids and whirlpool. As most of you know, this is where our hero, Hecock, is headed! You can pick up one of these cool cases at Zazzle.com. OR you could win one in my upcoming contest!

The plot thickens, The current quickens

This is the page you’ve been waiting for… now you find out a little of why he is stuck on this ice floe, and something about who he is. I haven’t drawn the outlines of the speech and thought bubbles at this stage. I do that in a different program, and the shape of the bubble will add to the expression of what is being said.

Page 6

Wicked rapids, eh? I’m only showing you the grayscale image this time. About Hecock’s face… I tried adding some ink lines to define the nose and edges of the face, but it looked so good without the lines. I still need to come up with some way to make the glasses look like the are sitting on his nose. Right now, they kind of look like they are floating. What do you think?