Hattie’s Journal, Entry 1

hattie14 January 1912

I dare say I can barely tolerate the shenanigans of that man! The abysmal manners that he is passing on to our children is unacceptable! I’m still picking potato bits out of my hair. Edward can be such a slauterpooch, leaving his underdrawers lying about after his bath, emptying his pockets of greasy gears and dirty screws right onto the kitchen table… and the food fights! How much shouting can I do? One may think me some sort of maulifuff, as I’m always chastising the children for imitating their father, but Edward will not allow me to effectively punish them! They need a good spanking! HE needs a good spanking! I need a bit of tonic.

Private Diaries

You won’t believe what good fortune fell upon me! I came across the personal diaries of the Hecock and Zeller families! So while chapter 3 progresses through the drawing stage, let’s take a gander at the private thoughts of Burrell, Ed, Hattie, Belle, Mother Hannah, and Iggy during the days leading up to February 4, 1912. Don’t look for any writings of Harry Hecock… he was a lawyer and knew better than to put secrets and private opinions in writing!

Shock and Awe

"Did she really say that??"
“Did she really say that??”

Aren’t you curious as to what all the kerfuffle is about? Stick around… I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and chapter 2 is coming along nicely.

While you wait anxiously, meet a few more characters: from top to bottom, left to right, we have Belle Hecock, Mother Hannah (Belle’s mother), Harry Hecock (Burrell’s father), Burrell Hecock, Baby Myrle (Burrell’s cousin), Hattie Zeller (Belle’s sister), Annette Hecock (Harry’s sister) and Edward Zeller (Hattie’s husband.)

Meet Some Real Characters!

Let me introduce to you….

Belle Hecock, who is Burrell’s mother:

Aunt Hattie Zeller, who is Belle’s sister:

And Uncle Edward Zeller, who is Hattie’s husband:

Here are the models that subjected themselves to my picture taking, posing, and imposing!

Fortunately, they are all family, so I can torture them as much as I like. And I think they sometimes enjoy hamming it up for me.