Micmac, Paddywack

mainecampfireOkay, the words to that ol’ tune are actually “Nick Nack, Paddywack,” but most of you are too young to even know the song.

I’m going on a hunting expedition soon, to MAINE! Hunting what? you ask. Legends, facts, pictures, experiences, moose, and anything that walks in range of my camera!

It all has to do with Finzel. You know Finzel… you met her in a previous post, a possible love interest of Burrell Hecock. She is part Micmac Indian, from Nova Scotia. I have to research her background from Maine because I was too lazy to get a passport in time, and therefore can’t go to the peninsula, but I’m going to get as close as possible…  right across the bay in Acadia National Park.

My husband, my dog and I will be kayaking around a huge crystal clear lake, pretending to be turn of the century Micmacs, roasting turn of the century marshmallows over a nice hot fire! Okay, I’m not sure they had marshmallows back then, but I don’t want to roast some poor squirrel! Wish me luck in my hunting, and pray that we don’t burn down the state!

A Little Steampunk With That, Sir?

Just keeping in touch… my head is spinning like Hecock on the rope! As in a whirlwind, I’ve written Chapter 2, sent it off to my silent partner, and I’m half way through Chapter 3! As it turns out, looks like chapter 2 is almost entirely dialog! Tonight I’m starting on the storyboard for chapter 2, working with the page layouts, and deciding things like how many frames on each page. It’s an exciting process much like putting together a film: My mind creates “still shots” that help tell the rest of the story that is not told in the dialog between characters. I have some wonderful turn-of-the-century rooms, furniture and bric-a-brac to include in my scenes this chapter. I have to say, it was a challenge to have snow, snow and more snow in every frame of chapter one and make it look interesting! Now I can have some fun! Steampunk, here we come!

OH, and meet Finzel!