Niagara, Here We Come!

Next weekend Jay and I will be touring the Falls area with artist friends Rose and Jim Gauss and Patrick the Bootlegger: catching some awesome fireworks over the Falls in Victoria Park, tasting some wine (at more than one vineyard, I’m sure) and ending the trip with a stroll through the Grand Canadian Steam Punk Exposition! Patrick has some surprises in store for us, I hear. One of them is “sticking us on the Maid of the Mist” and a walk out onto the bridge where locals tried desperately to rescue Burrell Hecock. If I have the courage to look down, I’ll try to pry my fingers off the railing long enough to take some photos of the river below. Yes, I’m afraid of heights. (But my husband is afraid of widths, so we make a good team.) During the visit, I hope to run into Dan Hill, grandson of the renowned stuntman/riverman Red Hill. Should be a hoot!

In the mean time, take a gander at my latest (but not quite finished) character poster: Jules McLaughlin, Voice of the Falls. She will be my fictional newspaper reporter who just happens to be there to do a feature on Ice Bridge Fashion Wear. I think she finds out that Grappling Irons are the latest must-have accessory.

Jules poster


TV Interview!

Exciting news… I was interviewed this morning by Terry Belke, the producer of “2 The Outdoors”, a regular feature on WGRZ-TV Buffalo, about the Ice Bridge tragedy! If you can get the channel, it will air on Sunday afternoon, February 5. It can also be viewed Sunday afternoon online at

Knowing the details of the real life incident will not spoil the ending for readers of “Hecock”; quite the reverse… you see, Chapter One is based on the true life story, but the rest of the book has more twists than the Niagara River! I hope you will take time to watch this timely production and share your reactions here.