It’s been 103 years!

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the tragic ice bridge incident that is the basis of my graphic novel. For an excellent answer to the question: what IS an ice bridge?, you may want to visit Joel R Paradise on FaceBook. He has some incredible photos, some of which I have never seen. Also, a post card sent just days after the incident, of a photo taken just as the ice bridge broke loose! Connecting with history can be an exhilarating experience.

I’m working diligently on the third chapter and putting it all together for Volume I. The plans are to launch the published book on August 1, this year, at the Sheffield Bicentennial’s Pioneer Picnic August 1st.  It is held on the grounds of the Jabez Burrell homestead (Burrell Hecock’s forefather) and includes a pot-luck lunch, pie contest, tour, and a book signing with yours truly, as well as other activities. My sister-in-law, Marty, will be there to tell about the families of the first 25 settlers and how they relate through marriage.  All are welcome! I hope to see some of my Niagara friends and distant relatives there.

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New iPhone 5/5s case for Niagara fans!

Lately, I've been loosening up by drawing Zentangles. They are a wonderful way to expand your imagination, and they work much the same as meditation. My latest "tangle" is titled "Eye of Niagara", as it is inspired by the Niagara River Gorge rapids and whirlpool. As most of you know, this is where our hero, Hecock, is headed! You can pick up one of these cool cases at OR you could win one in my upcoming contest!

A Tussle Over What?

So, what could cause two “fully growed men,” who happen to be best friends, get into a tussle? It’s a case of a not-so-pretty display over a pretty face.

Got the line work done, and starting the color fills and textures! I’m sorry we are so so very far off schedule, but I’m learning the hard way that a graphic novel is a huge undertaking. If only I had a team of artists to help… oh, well, when I’m rich and famous for the book that took 20 years to write, I’ll hire one. In the mean time…

… I remain yours truly,


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Watch it, Hecock... comin' through!

Watch it, Hecock… comin’ through!

Micmac, Paddywack

mainecampfireOkay, the words to that ol’ tune are actually “Nick Nack, Paddywack,” but most of you are too young to even know the song.

I’m going on a hunting expedition soon, to MAINE! Hunting what? you ask. Legends, facts, pictures, experiences, moose, and anything that walks in range of my camera!

It all has to do with Finzel. You know Finzel… you met her in a previous post, a possible love interest of Burrell Hecock. She is part Micmac Indian, from Nova Scotia. I have to research her background from Maine because I was too lazy to get a passport in time, and therefore can’t go to the peninsula, but I’m going to get as close as possible…  right across the bay in Acadia National Park.

My husband, my dog and I will be kayaking around a huge crystal clear lake, pretending to be turn of the century Micmacs, roasting turn of the century marshmallows over a nice hot fire! Okay, I’m not sure they had marshmallows back then, but I don’t want to roast some poor squirrel! Wish me luck in my hunting, and pray that we don’t burn down the state!

Uncle Ed’s Journal, Entry 2

16 January 1912

Went to the patent office today and applied for a patent for the eyeglass fastener. It will be costly but I must patent each aspect of my prototype individually to safeguard my invention. This can’t get into the wrong hands or who knows what could happen. I’m copying a drawing of the fastener into this journal for posterity’s sake.

A few more brush strokes and my little painting of a rose for my Little Petunia will be done. Good thing Belle offered to make the cake and hold the party at the Hecock’s… that nosy nephew of mine won’t be able to sneak down to the inventorium and ruin HIS surprise! Aah, yes… cake!

Zeller Patent Images

Boy, am I confused!

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