Happy Dance

Are you doing your happy dance? As you can see, Burrell has something to be happy about in Book 2, Autonomy. But things aren’t always what they seem.


As for Book 2, we had a slow start, but for good reasons: new characters, additional pages and dialog, and a few major tweaks that were not in the original story. The rest of the book should go together without a hitch since I’m keeping it all-digital for now. Look for slight changes in style and line work in Book 3.

And now, I’m doing a happy dance! Looks like Book 2 will be on schedule for publication, and be available for Christmas.

Happy Sunday and God Bless!

And Now For Something Completely Different

This may LOOK like something completely different, but its actually just an exercise in pen and ink techniques. I’m considering going “old school” as part of my process for creating “Hecock.” Up till now I’ve done everything digital, with Photoshop and Corel Painter 11. But many of my Comic Colleagues are doing beautiful pen work that I feel may be lacking on my all-digital pages.

Thistle page 1

So… about 6 weeks ago, this adorable baby bunny moves into my fairy garden. He’s so young, he doesn’t know he’s supposed to be afraid of me, and he allows me to feed him carrots and apples. He sometimes lives under an old sand box we piled on top of the stump of a walnut tree we cut down this year, and the rest of the time he’s in the burrow he dug behind the rock wall adjacent to the fairy garden. His family is no where to be found. Now, isn’t this just the perfect subject for a children’s book?And it’s happening right in my little garden! I’m using this opportunity to hone my pen and ink, to decide for certain if I want to proceed with the process for  “Hecock.” So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Real pens, real paper –  I’ve missed you.

Thistle visits the fairy's home.

Thistle visits the fairy’s home.


As for Book 2, it’s coming along nicely. Two additional pages were needed to accommodate the new character, Mr. Whittlesey, the singing delivery man. I mistakenly introduced him as Matthew Turman in an earlier post. (That’s not his last name! Silly me.) His mother and I then decided to use his ancestral name of Whittlesey for the book. It’s these kinds of things that make me realize being my own author/ illustrator/editor/ publisher is the only way to go!


A Photo Journal of Our Expedition

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Oh, boy! Lots to show and tell. It started with a beautiful drive from Houston, PA to New York State Parks History office in Lewiston (Just down stream from the Falls) to meet Carol Rogers in person. She was instrumental in researching the Schoellkopf Power Plant. After a 200 ft elevator ride to the Gorge level, our […]

Niagara, Here We Come!

Next weekend Jay and I will be touring the Falls area with artist friends Rose and Jim Gauss and Patrick the Bootlegger: catching some awesome fireworks over the Falls in Victoria Park, tasting some wine (at more than one vineyard, I’m sure) and ending the trip with a stroll through the Grand Canadian Steam Punk Exposition! Patrick has some surprises in store for us, I hear. One of them is “sticking us on the Maid of the Mist” and a walk out onto the bridge where locals tried desperately to rescue Burrell Hecock. If I have the courage to look down, I’ll try to pry my fingers off the railing long enough to take some photos of the river below. Yes, I’m afraid of heights. (But my husband is afraid of widths, so we make a good team.) During the visit, I hope to run into Dan Hill, grandson of the renowned stuntman/riverman Red Hill. Should be a hoot!

In the mean time, take a gander at my latest (but not quite finished) character poster: Jules McLaughlin, Voice of the Falls. She will be my fictional newspaper reporter who just happens to be there to do a feature on Ice Bridge Fashion Wear. I think she finds out that Grappling Irons are the latest must-have accessory.

Jules poster


The Bootlegger Shanty

Patrick Sirianni is a bootlegger/ vendor on the Ice Bridge who peddles giggle water (alcoholic drinks), quilts (alcoholic drinks that warm you up) and a Jorum of Skee (shot of whiskey). He calls his shanty “Blotto on the Bridge”, which means to get drunk as a skunk on the frozen river.

(For those of you who are taking me seriously, Patrick is a great guy from Niagara who has been helping me find photos and historical facts, as well as outlets to sell the book. He has my sincerest gratitude, which I demonstrate by Steam Punking him!)

Don’t forget: if you would like to give “Hecock, The Last Hour” as a gift for Christmas, you can order it on the blog on the Books & Goods page, along with posters and pins.

Sirianni the Bootlegger

New Character Poster


Meet Mr. Matthew Turman, a talented young man who sings your special delivery message, and even adds some fancy footwork! Dig that crazy harp guitar! He will briefly entertain the Hecock’s in the upcoming Book 2, Autonomy. Next in the New Character Line-up… my dear sweet Uncle Franny. He will be engineering the Midnight train to Niagara in Book 3, Steamed, which I hope is released by February 2016.

Good news for fans that missed out on the Kickstarter campaign but would like a digital copy of the book… in my spare time, (spare time?? what’s that?) I’m formatting the book for Kindle to sell on Amazon.com and it will only cost 99¢, a real steal! Wouldn’t want you to think me a slawterpooch! (I’ll send a set of bookmarks to the first person to comment on this post with the correct meaning of that one!)





“Hecock” at The Toonseum!

On August 29, 2015 the Toonseum will open their exhibit “Drawn In Pittsburgh”  in the Cultural District in Pittsburgh, PA. This juried exhibit seeks to highlight, celebrate and promote the talented community of cartoonists working in the greater Pittsburgh area and expose their work to a wider regional audience.

That being said, Yours Truly has been accepted into this exhibit with a four-page spread from “Hecock, the Last Hour”. In addition to this great honor, the Toonseum’s gift shop will be carrying my book!

If you would like to attend the opening or visit the exhibit, there will be more information on their website soon. www.toonseum.org

Hope to see you there.