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Wicked rapids, eh? I’m only showing you the grayscale image this time. About Hecock’s face… I tried adding some ink lines to define the nose and edges of the face, but it looked so good without the lines. I still need to come up with some way to make the glasses look like the are sitting on his nose. Right now, they kind of look like they are floating. What do you think?

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  1. I gather this is farther down stream from the bridge and the ice chunks haven’t caught up yet. It’s the wilder scene just the way I imagined it–without the power plant. I love this work and I don’t see any glitch with the glasses.
    Would the kid be on the bridge? Don’t mind me. I’m probably too literal. Go with the flow-ha-ha-ha.

    • The news articles of the time stated that there were thousands of tourists lining the bridges and shores by the time he got to the Cantilever bridge. It took him 1-2 hours for the whole trip… plenty of time for crowds to gather. And I imagine there had to be some children in the mix. Back then, kids roamed the streets without parents. Heck, they did that when I was a kid too! And I’m not quite 100 years old.

  2. I like the glasses as they are. But if you are going to change it, I like the “darkening the shadows” idea. The contrast between the sharpness of the images in the glasses and the softness of the face is very effective.

    • The more I look at it, the more I agree with not using ink outlines on the face. Plus it will change when I colorize it (layers of transparent color over the gray tone image.)

  3. Not sure how to fix glasses, but I like the images on them. I think the little girl almost looks like she is laughing with eyes closed, not horror.

    • If I use ink lines to define the edges of the cheeks and under the nose, I can add lines under the glasses to indicate shadow. Maybe if I just darken the shadow that’s there where the glasses meet the cheeks, it will be enough. As for the little girl, I’ll have to play around with the eyes and mouth. I suppose she would have her eyes open as she cries. She will be yelling to Hecock, as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

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