Page 2

What I’d like to hear are your immediate reactions to the look/feel of this page. I didn’t finish adding the color on the upper left frame, and I left out Hecock’s thought bubble in the lower left frame, but the rest is done. Looks like I’m going to go with a gray tone underpainting… that’s where you do all the shading and most of the details in black, white and grays. Then I apply layers of color over that and beef up the ink lines.

How do you like the coffee stained background behind the frames? Is the color too intense and distracting or is it exciting to look at and keeps your interest?

Is the text telling you enough that you understand what is going on, (as much as I intend for you to understand! There is always a little left out for the sake of mystery.)

3 thoughts on “Page 2

  1. Love the coffee stain.
    Burrell’s shirt front is different in page two.
    I know what those panels are depicting, but nothing has happened yet–no forward movement.
    That may be the plan, so okay. The viewer is getting the scene set. In my uninformed mind’s eye, I saw things less congested and more primitive. It’s fun to learn.
    Great art. I’m excited about the next pages.

    • What do you see that is different on the shirts? Is it that I left out the taylored seams going down the front? As for the congestion or detail in the scenes, I guess I started out less detailed, but after reading a number of graphic novels and studying the various styles, I found myself gravitating toward the ones that had more detail. Some, though, were so cluttered up with lines and textures, that I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. If it is that bad, please tell me so that I can simplify the picture.
      Down the road, many of the pages don’t have much, if any, text at the top… only dialog. Very soon we will have other characters, and dialog will follow. So maybe the pictures will seem more like action.

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