5 thoughts on “Hecock, page 14, battered and bruised

  1. Yep, I definitely need to redraw the third guy, atleast. The original drawing had them angled at about 45 degrees, but they trailed out of the top of the frame too soon and I couldn’t fit them all in. So I thought I’d be clever and draw them perpendicular to the railing. Silly me. It does make more sense if they were at a 90 to the railing and in a straight line. Okay, I’ll change it.

  2. I’m thinking also about the pulling hard, maybe it looks like that because the rope isn’t angled back without an obvious reason why it might be more or less at a right angle (with a 45 degree corner, of course). What I mean is, the middle guy feels like he’s in opposition to the force. He’s pulling at a 90 degree angle from the stress of the rope. And I think the bottom picture is a zombie arm getting pulled off. See the blood?

  3. Lots of action here! I love the overhead shot and the composition. Just a few observations – Not all of the railmen look like they are pulling hard. Perhaps they need to have more muscular arms. The body types are all similar- a bit on the scrawny, not brawny side. Are you planning on varying that in the final, so that it is more believable? Hope you all have a great holiday!

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