Get Steam Punked!

My Kickstarter campaign has really taken off! It is already 75% funded. I have 16 days left to raise the final $682 and I’m planning several updates to the project.

It seems that the most popular reward for backing the project is for the $100 pledge, where you become a character in the book. There were only ten available and all are now taken. So, I created a NEW reward… for $75 I will recreate you as a cartoon, outfitted steam punk style, and feature you on my blog. PLUS I will send you an 8×10 glossy of the “new” you. There is a limit of ten, so better hurry!

In case you haven’t visited the project, you need to know that you get more than just a cartoon for $75. There are the print versions of the first two books of my graphic novel series, “Hecock”, the pdf versions, a beautiful inspirational lapel pin, books marks, and two fine art prints of my paintings.


Of course, any amount of support is much appreciated. Go to the link, watch a really cool video short, and check out the rewards for anything from one dollar and up. Thank you for all your support!