Gearing Up for Book 3

Feels great to have two books done! I took a short break and worked on my pen and ink skills, and in doing so, produced a children’s book called “A Bunny’s Sojourn”! This book will also serve as an excellent adult coloring book… moms or grandmothers can finish the illustrations with colored pencils, and then share the story with little ones. It is temporarily on the catalog page of HecockGraphicNovel, until I can rebuild my main art site, The story and drawings were created from my observations and photos of a baby rabbit that lived in my faerie garden for a month last year. If you want a signed copy, and you live in the USA, order through the website. But as of next week, it should also be available at any online book store, in Canada, UK, and other countries. Here is the cover and a few pages.

Now, back to Hecock, More That Meets the Eye.

Front cover of A Bunny's Sojourn

Front cover of A Bunny’s Sojourn

Thistle coloring page 2