Funding a Huge Success!

Onward and upward! $3,623 have been pledged to publish and print Book 1 and 2! I’ve devoted an entire page on this site for Thank you’s and acknowledgements. With the Kickstarter campaign at an end, I’m filling my days and evenings with creating book marks, posters, and of course the books themselves! I’ve sent Book 1 to the printer and await the print proof to make sure all is done to the highest standards. Within several weeks of my saying it’s A-Ok, the books will be packaged and on their way to all my funding backers. Soon after, it will also be available on my NEW Catalog page along with my nifty and uplifting Lapel Pins, posters, book marks and the PDF digital version of the book.

So, with everything on schedule and running smoothly, I’ve “got nothing on my mind but my hair!”* and it’s off to the Grand Canadian Steam Punk Expo in September! I hope to get lots of inspiration to enhance the Hecock artwork. Tally ho

And Happy Birthday to my first-born, Joshua!

Leda, Jay and Mel


*turn of the century expression meaning “nothing to worry about.”