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I thought I’d start this focus group out with a full page. I toyed around with several methods of drawing and coloring and adding textures to the image. I ended up going back to Corel Painter 11 to establish the pastel-looking textures, the ink outlines and the gray undertones. I then opened the image in Photoshop to add the coffee-stained background behind the frames, and colorized over the gray with transparent layers, sort of like the way they colorize old movies. Keeps the feel vintage. Tell me what you think of the “look” of the page. Anything unlikable jump out and scream at you? Does the text make enough sense to you for a first page, and do you want to read more? I’m seriously considering writing a forward about the Niagara Falls Ice Bridges, what it is and how it forms, and how people of that time regarded the bridge. All comments welcome!

4 thoughts on “First full page

  1. The river colour should actually be more of a gray green. I live in Niagara falls and am a granddaughter of Wm. “Red” Hill Sr. Incidentally, my eyes are the same colour!

    • So glad to “meet” you, Melissa! Yes, I got a number of comments about the color. Down on the lower river, I suppose it is less intense, but I remember seeing the water as it went over the falls and how vibrant it was. It doesn’t look natural. Luckily I can tweak the colors a bit. Let me know what you think of the final colors on the 4th when I post the first half of Chapter 1 on it’s dedicated page. By the way, I can’t wait to see the “2 The Outdoors” episode about the Hill’s in the near future, on WGRZ.

  2. I like that the story starts where there’s already action. I wouldn’t change that, but I was wondering if we find out later how he ended up stranded on the ice? Maybe find out gradually through the story?

    Picture-wise it looks great. If I would change anything, it would be to make the water more on the gray-blue side rather than towards the green (you can mess with levels in Photoshop). The greener makes it look more tropical rather than icy cold.

    • Thanks! Yes we find out how he got on the ice, a bit here and there… in chapter 2 you get the background and why he went there in the first place. I agree about the water, BUT the water that flows over the Niagara falls and goes down river IS aqua green… unnaturally so. I can’t remember why, but I’ll look it up. Something about the minerals or like that. I will tone it down though. It prints too dark as well.

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