Get Steam Punked!

My Kickstarter campaign has really taken off! It is already 75% funded. I have 16 days left to raise the final $682 and I’m planning several updates to the project.

It seems that the most popular reward for backing the project is for the $100 pledge, where you become a character in the book. There were only ten available and all are now taken. So, I created a NEW reward… for $75 I will recreate you as a cartoon, outfitted steam punk style, and feature you on my blog. PLUS I will send you an 8×10 glossy of the “new” you. There is a limit of ten, so better hurry!

In case you haven’t visited the project, you need to know that you get more than just a cartoon for $75. There are the print versions of the first two books of my graphic novel series, “Hecock”, the pdf versions, a beautiful inspirational lapel pin, books marks, and two fine art prints of my paintings.


Of course, any amount of support is much appreciated. Go to the link, watch a really cool video short, and check out the rewards for anything from one dollar and up. Thank you for all your support!


3-2-1 Launch!

Monday is the big day my Kickstarter Campaign is launched! The link will be available that day, so check your email Monday. The campaign only lasts for 30 days, so please visit the site as soon as you can. And if you could please lend a helping hand and send the link to as many friends and neighbors, I would be obliging to you. The more, the merrier.


I have totally worn out my little brain working on the video and all the fun rewards, proof reading and editing a million times, and getting professional help (not that kind, although I probably need it! A professional proof reader, my friend Jeannine McDevitt) to make sure my grammar and spelling is spot on. Whew! Check your email Monday for the link to my project on Kickstarter. Have a great summer, folks.

The Book Trailer!

Hi, everyone! This moment has been a long time coming. I’ve had to overcome quite a few obstacles and delays but we made it!

I’m so excited to share a sneak peek at my book trailer for “Hecock”! It’s part of an upcoming Kickstarter Campaign to help raise funds to publish Book 1 of the graphic novel series. Kickstarter is a really safe way to support a worthwhile project because your pledge is never taken until and unless my entire goal is met. If we don’t make it, the campaign stops and no money changes hands. BUT if we do reach our goal, look out! Everyone will be handsomely rewarded with copies of the book and a bunch of other goodies. So… enjoy the 1 minute trailer and keep an eye out… the first week of June will be the launch of my Kickstarter Campaign!!

Oh, and PLEASE share with EVERYONE you know, on your FB, Pinterest, family, email friends, neighbors, librarians and teachers! The more people who see it, the more likely I can meet my goal and publish Book 1 by August 1 this year!!! Book 2 and 3 will follow within months. Click here for more info on Kickstarter and how it works.

Boy, am I confused!

If anyone who subscribed is not getting new posts in their inbox, I can’t really explain except to say that I must not have set up MailChimp properly. I think it works now, so if you get this, let me know. In other words, This is a test of the Hecock broadcasting system. This is only a test. Please go to your email and respond immediately so that Leda does not lose her mind. Thank you.

Burrell’s Journal, Entry 2

13 January 1912

I couldn’t wait for everyone to hit the hay tonight, so that I might sneak a look into Uncle Ed’s Inventorium (that’s what HE calls his basement!) The snow was so crunchy from the frigid air, I thought it would give me away. He was examining all kinds of tiny gears and sprockets, wires, and things I didn’t recognize, through a magnifying glass. What ever it is he’s inventing, it’s smaller than a bread box, that’s for sure! He suddenly turned out the lights to go upstairs, and I thought for certain I was a dead man! Had he not dropped his papers and turned the other way, he surely could have seen me with my nose literally stuck to that icy window.

!!Poetic thought: “Into each man’s life a little frost must bite.” I swear, someday I’m going to publish a book of Poetic Expressions.

Burrell’s Journal, Entry 1

10 January 1912

Brrr! minus 8 degrees again! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this brutal cold. There is something funny going on next door. Late last night there was a dim light coming from Uncle Ed’s basement window. I would never have noticed if I hadn’t been up to stoke the fires. (Did I say it was cold this year?? I feared that my slippers would freeze to the floor when I got out of bed!