About Railroad Workers

In response to a comment about my last post, concerning the look of the railmen, I am posting a photo of 1913 PA railroad workers. My goal is not just to tell an interesting story, but to keep as much of it historically correct as I can. First, they do tend to look the same… I think everyday work clothes were limited in style; most men brandished mustaches and/or beards; most wore similar hats. And many of them were underfed, therefore on the scrawny side. Too bad in real life they were not brawny and buff, as they might have pulled Burrell up onto the bridge with no problem.

This photo was found at http://www.viewsofthepast.com/photos/transportation/railroad/rr-078.jpg

5 thoughts on “About Railroad Workers

    • Each of my kids have taken the news article into school to tell their class the story of their distant cousin. It has always fascinated and horrified me. I hope your mom approves of how I’m telling the tale.

  1. Hey, maybe if there’s a problem with how they’re looking the same, the distinction could be subtle in the coloring. Also, from this photo it looks like you could play around with the hats, not just the style, but also the way they wear them. Just look at the difference between the bottom two guys.

    • yes, I think atleast one of them will have a hat with a brim all around it. One is wearing a sort of mac. I will probably put stripes in one of them, like the engineer’s hat. I think the coloring and shading will make all the difference with all of the pages. I like getting ideas even though these are just rough ink drawings. Thanks, everyone.

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