Gearing Up for Book 3

Feels great to have two books done! I took a short break and worked on my pen and ink skills, and in doing so, produced a children’s book called “A Bunny’s Sojourn”! This book will also serve as an excellent adult coloring book… moms or grandmothers can finish the illustrations with colored pencils, and then share the story with little ones. It is temporarily on the catalog page of HecockGraphicNovel, until I can rebuild my main art site, The story and drawings were created from my observations and photos of a baby rabbit that lived in my faerie garden for a month last year. If you want a signed copy, and you live in the USA, order through the website. But as of next week, it should also be available at any online book store, in Canada, UK, and other countries. Here is the cover and a few pages.

Now, back to Hecock, More That Meets the Eye.

Front cover of A Bunny's Sojourn

Front cover of A Bunny’s Sojourn

Thistle coloring page 2


Meet Some Real Characters!

Let me introduce to you….

Belle Hecock, who is Burrell’s mother:

Aunt Hattie Zeller, who is Belle’s sister:

And Uncle Edward Zeller, who is Hattie’s husband:

Here are the models that subjected themselves to my picture taking, posing, and imposing!

Fortunately, they are all family, so I can torture them as much as I like. And I think they sometimes enjoy hamming it up for me.

A Little Steampunk With That, Sir?

Just keeping in touch… my head is spinning like Hecock on the rope! As in a whirlwind, I’ve written Chapter 2, sent it off to my silent partner, and I’m half way through Chapter 3! As it turns out, looks like chapter 2 is almost entirely dialog! Tonight I’m starting on the storyboard for chapter 2, working with the page layouts, and deciding things like how many frames on each page. It’s an exciting process much like putting together a film: My mind creates “still shots” that help tell the rest of the story that is not told in the dialog between characters. I have some wonderful turn-of-the-century rooms, furniture and bric-a-brac to include in my scenes this chapter. I have to say, it was a challenge to have snow, snow and more snow in every frame of chapter one and make it look interesting! Now I can have some fun! Steampunk, here we come!

OH, and meet Finzel!

Moving right along, Page 15

I’ll bet no one notices that i forgot to put the speech in all caps. Sheese, I just noticed it myself! I need to tweak Hecock’s face… doesn’t quite look like him. But then, he’s frowning deeply, brows furrowed, eyes full of remorse and worry. That kind of emotion changes your look a bit.

Tomorrow I need to kick this into high gear, and get working on the finished stage of the pages, i.e. texture, color, refining ink lines, and correcting the grammar and spelling blunders that you have pointed out (thank you.) I don’t know how much of chapter one will be totally finished by February 4th, but what I do have done will be released on the blog that day. I’ll continue to post until the entire book is done. Spread the word! And a link! Thank you all for following.

Welcome, new followers!

A mighty “Hullo!” to St. Patrick and Winchester Thurston students. If you find the first two pages interesting, please subscribe to email notification so that you won’t miss any new posts. I look forward to your comments, so don’t be shy. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the appearance of Burrell, the look of the location, and for those of you with sharp eyes tell me of any inconsistencies from one page to another… for example, if Hecock’s shoes have 6 buttons in one frame, but have none in the next. With the hundreds of frames that I will be drawing, it is most likely that I’m going to miss a few details! Thanks for helping with my project and I hope you enjoy the story.