February 4th!

The 100th Anniversary of the Ice Bridge Tragedy at Niagara Falls marks the day Chapter 1 is posted here on it’s own page. I will be posting as many pages as I can finish, and the remaining of chapter 1 will be up on the blog by the end of the month. It’s been a long arduous journey, but so worth it. And I have a long way to go, hoping that you stay along for the ride. Here is a peek at a tote bag design. Great for carrying around all my favorite books and sketch pads.

the Unnaturalists: Good steampunk!

Came across an author, Tiffany Trent, who will be publishing her YA steampunk novel “The Unnaturalists” in August 2012. While much of “Hecock” is historical fiction, I’m mixing in a bit of steampunk. Tiffany’s book may be the perfect way to introduce yourself to the genre. You can bet I will be reading this as soon as it comes out!

Moving right along, Page 15

I’ll bet no one notices that i forgot to put the speech in all caps. Sheese, I just noticed it myself! I need to tweak Hecock’s face… doesn’t quite look like him. But then, he’s frowning deeply, brows furrowed, eyes full of remorse and worry. That kind of emotion changes your look a bit.

Tomorrow I need to kick this into high gear, and get working on the finished stage of the pages, i.e. texture, color, refining ink lines, and correcting the grammar and spelling blunders that you have pointed out (thank you.) I don’t know how much of chapter one will be totally finished by February 4th, but what I do have done will be released on the blog that day. I’ll continue to post until the entire book is done. Spread the word! And a link! Thank you all for following.