Chapter 1 update

Here’s where I apologize again for delivering only two new pages instead of the five I promised. Tax season is a project killer, but good news… I’m seeing my tax lady tomorrow! In the mean time, enjoy pages 13 and 14 in Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 Posted!

This is the day I’ve been working towards for the past year. I’ve spent months researching, writing, rewriting, sketching and painting and I was determined that I would have at least part if Chapter 1 done on the 100th Anniversary of the Ice Bridge Tragedy of Niagara Falls. The book “Hecock” will have a dedicated page for each chapter.

After you enjoy reading through the first pages, take a look at the TV spot “2 The Outdoors” by Terry Belke on WGRZ-TV (or online at their website) tomorrow afternoon. Find out all about the real life incident.


TV Interview!

Exciting news… I was interviewed this morning by Terry Belke, the producer of “2 The Outdoors”, a regular feature on WGRZ-TV Buffalo, about the Ice Bridge tragedy! If you can get the channel, it will air on Sunday afternoon, February 5. It can also be viewed Sunday afternoon online at

Knowing the details of the real life incident will not spoil the ending for readers of “Hecock”; quite the reverse… you see, Chapter One is based on the true life story, but the rest of the book has more twists than the Niagara River! I hope you will take time to watch this timely production and share your reactions here.