Page 10 From the bridge

The thing about graphic novels is that atleast half of the story is visual, the other half text, and each tells it’s own details. So the reader needs to take a little time looking over the details of the artwork and not fall to the temptation to rush ahead to see what happens next. There is a very important detail on this page which won’t come into play until the end of the book.

The watch in the lower right corner is keeping track time (of course! Don’t all watches?) This is the same watch that is in the background of page 4 and it will be present on random pages throughout the story, which will encompass only 24 hours total.

The Railmen help, page 9

Poor Finn! He really feels the dire situation that Burrell finds himself. The Niagara is a terrible wonder of nature, with power that is frightening, all contained in that one gorge.

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The plot thickens, The current quickens

This is the page you’ve been waiting for… now you find out a little of why he is stuck on this ice floe, and something about who he is. I haven’t drawn the outlines of the speech and thought bubbles at this stage. I do that in a different program, and the shape of the bubble will add to the expression of what is being said.

A Rough of page 7

As Burrell gets closer, things get kind of crazy. Thousands of people are gathering, watching in horror. Chief Kelley attempts to communicate to Burrell, and encourage him to prepare to do the unthinkable… jump.

Page 6

Wicked rapids, eh? I’m only showing you the grayscale image this time. About Hecock’s face… I tried adding some ink lines to define the nose and edges of the face, but it looked so good without the lines. I still need to come up with some way to make the glasses look like the are sitting on his nose. Right now, they kind of look like they are floating. What do you think?

Sneak Peek: Details Page 1 & 2

I’ve rewritten, tweaked and finalized those first two pages (actually, they will be page 4 and 5 in the book.) I’m not posting the entire pages, but cropped versions of areas I changed and text I’ve added. The line art of the next page is underway, so watch for it. In many of the pages ahead, there will be much more dialog and less narrative as more people are introduced.

Words, Words, Words. Poll.

There are many kinds of graphic novels, with unlimited ways to tell the story. Some have pages of text and then an illustration while others have no text and no speech bubbles, just pictures. What is your preference?